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Your holiday a few steps from the beach
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Tastiness with a view

Located on the 6th floor of the building, the restaurant of 3-Star Superior Hotel Diplomat Marine in Cattolica offers a wonderful view of the entire coast, a prelude to an unforgettable taste experience.
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You can tell a good day from the morning”, as the old saying goes
It is exactly like that at Hotel Diplomat Marine.
Perfused with morning light, our breakfast room awaits you.
Take a seat on the terrace facing the sea, let yourself be exhilarated by the smell of butter, honey and coffee coming from the kitchen and start the day.
At your disposal, a sumptuous buffet combining homemade cakes and desserts with eggs and cold cuts, pies and donuts with focaccia and pizzas, yoghurt and fruit with ham and cheese.
Do you love the classic Italian breakfast?
Choose from croissants, tarts, muffins, biscuits and fresh bread.
Do you prefer savoury food?
You will find scrambled eggs, bacon, cold cuts and cheese.
Are you a fitness fanatic?
You can have yoghurt, muesli, cereals and fresh fruit as much as you like.
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Lunch and dinner
You know, the sea makes you hungry.

No problem: the restaurant of Hotel Diplomat Marine is waiting for you to make you enjoy a real Romagna taste experience.
For lunch and dinner, the best local food tradition is observed: first, a rich buffet of appetizers, side dishes and vegetables, then pasta dishes and second courses based on fresh Adriatic fish and meat from the best local farms, and finally delicious desserts, ice creams or sorbets to top off your meal.
There is no shortage of great traditional classics: from tagliatelle with meat sauce to passatelli in broth and marinated sardines. And then of course Romagna queen: her majesty the Romagna piadina!
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